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Past members

Past Postdoctoral Fellows


  • Graciela Cabana (2003-2006, now assistant professor, U. Tennessee)
  • Matthew Emery (Now at Binghamton University)
  • Ana Y. Morales-Arce (2018-2020, now Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern)
  • Maria A. Nives-Colón (2010-2019, now Senior Scientist, Astrea Forensics)
  • Andrew Ozga (2017-2019, now Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University)
  • Susanna Sabin (2019-2021, now ORISE Fellow at CDC Georgia)
  • Alicia Wilbur (2008-2009, currently research scientist, Washington National Primate Reseach Center)


Past Graduate Students (committee chair) and their current positions


  • Kelly Blevins (Ph.D. 2021)
  • Jada Benn Torres (Ph.D. 2006, UNM): Assistant professor, Notre Dame University
  • Tessa Campbell (U. Cape town)
  • Kelly Harkins (Ph.D. 2014, ASU)
  • Tanvi P. Honap (Ph.D. 2017, ASU). Assistant Research Professor, University of Oklahoma.
  • Genevieve Housman (Ph.D 2017, ASU). Post doc, University of Chicago.
  • Howard Lanus (MS 2023, ASU).
  • Mary Leonard (MA 2006, ASU): PhD student in nuclear chemistry, Oregon State
  • Cecil Lewis (Ph.D. 2005, UNM): Associate professor, University of Oklahoma
  • Hsiuman Lin (Ph.D. 2009, UNM): research scientist, National Museum of Taiwan
  • Joanna Malukiewicz (Ph.D. School of Life Sciences, ASU)
  • George (PJ) Perry (Ph.D. 2008, ASU)  Assistant professor, Pennsylvania State University
  • Heather Smith (Ph.D. 2008, ASU): Associate professor, Midwestern University
  • Jamie Smith (MA 2002, UNM)
  • Amanda Van Steelandt (Global Health PhD program, SHESC)
  • Angela Taravella (Ph.D.)
  • Alicia Wilbur (Ph.D. 2005, UNM): Research scientist, Washington National Primate Research Center




Past undergraduates:


(2013- Present)


  • Trisha Amin, (now in the physician’s assistant program at NAU)
  • Christina Balentine (Arizona Science Museum staff)
  • Michelle Ciambella
  • April Cobos
  • Nicole Darian
  • Ryan Grieger (now in the MD program at U. Arizona)
  • Emma Howell
  • Ariel Johnson (now in the MD program at U. Arizona)
  • Allie Kelsey
  • Justin Lund (now in graduate school in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma)
  • Michael Neimeyer (now in the MA program in Bioethics at ASU)
  • Megann Phillips (now in MA program at George Washington University)
  • John Williams
  • Claire Hopkins
  • Kat Fowler
  • Katie Skerry








  • Nick Banovich (now an assistant professor at TGEN)
  • David Bayne (now in medical school at U. Kansas)
  • Rebecca Coleman (now in graduate school in Anthropology at Penn State)
  • Jennifer Guida (received MPH from U. Colorado, Denver)
  • Danielle Johnson (now in graduate school in Human Genetics at the University of Utah)
  • Megan Rubel (now in graduate school in Anthropology at U. Pennsylvania)
  • Niki Weber
  • Clay Woodcock (now a graduate student in biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara)








  •  Katrina Claw (Ph.D. in Genome Sciences, U. Washington )
  • Dan Drinin (now a graduate student at U. Washington)
  • Ashley Loundsbury
  • Joe Maranville (Ph.D. in Human Genetics, U. Chicago)